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Articles & News

Welcome to our Articles & News page. Here we will list articles, news and other information that was published in the past.

Articles about CEPIN

Sound Advice [NFPA Journal: July/August 2010]

Helping the Disabled Population Through Hurricanes [Mississippi Public Broadcasting: April 28, 2010] 

Helping the Deaf Survive Disasters [WCAX-TV(Vermont): December 5, 2005]

N.Y. Police Train for Dealing with Deaf [The Post-Standard (New York): November 8, 2006]

Articles on Emergency Preparedness

ATIS Releases Suite of IP-based Emergency Services Standards [Dec. 4, 2006]

NPR Receives Department of Education Grant to Develop Accessible Radio Technology for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind and Visually Impaired Communities [Oct. 10, 2006]

Growing Deaf Population Suffers ‘Hidden Disability’(Hawaii) [Oct. 3, 2006]

Creating Effective Communication for Deaf Patients and Families [Oct. 1, 2006]

FCC Announces E9-1-1 Disability Access Summit [Sept. 28, 2006]

OnStar by GM enhances TTY capability [Sept. 25, 2006]

E-911 for Denver's Disabled Registry Begins [Sept. 27, 2005]

CSD Selected to Provide 24-Hour Emergency Interpreting Support for New Minnesota Hospital Consortium
[Dec. 5, 2005]

Cards Help Deaf Drivers, Cops Communicate; Local Program for the Deaf is Going Statewide [Nov. 27, 2002]

Prince George's County, Maryland to Agree to Give Deaf Volunteers a Chance to be Emergency Medical Technicians, Under Agreement  [April 9, 1998]

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